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It's a jungle out there. Many sites don't load easily in some locales because internet connections aren't always fast enough to handle the sizes of some of their files well. Others display well on some devices but not others. The same holds true for several high tech features; many work on some browsers but not others and many of them become annoying very quickly.

We can help with that.

At Huron Reprographics we create cleanly designed sites that view and function properly on current devices. We can't control the speed of various internet connections. We can however make sure that files on our sites are small enough to load easily in most locales. We also stay with features and formats that function consistently on current platforms. In short, our sites view properly on everything form large desktop monitors to pocket-size phones.

If this sounds like what you need contact us.

Standard Features On Our Sites

  • Responsive Design

  • Location Maps

  • Contact Forms

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optional Features

  • Today's Date Marker

  • Slide Shows

  • Video Displays

  • Photography of Your Location(s)

Sarnia Optometic Clinic
Sarnia Vision Centre
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